Wish you had a fireplace? This is the next best thing.

I live in Manhattan. Do you think I have a fireplace? (Nope.) Do I want and believe I deserve one? (You bet.) I'll be writing a nasty, bratty letter to my super asap - but - in the meantime Archipelago has the next best thing. 60 hours of crackling, flickering, exotic essential oil scented bliss. The 100% natural wooden wick sounds just like the real thing. Clean-burning soy wax is non-toxic and burns slow. Plus this is one fine looking candle! And though I imagine how perfect this would look in my Montauk summer home (I don't have that either), it's even more perfect in my living room. A must-have. Bearskin rug not included.

Archipelago Loft Collection Candle in White Cassis