N&J Must-Have: Photive iPhone 5 / 5S Portable Battery Charger

Trust, you need this. Unless you're the kind of person who loves their iPhone constantly dying on them or an [air quotes] "Droid" user and in that case, you don't even deserve one.
No, I'm talking about the normal people who are texting, tweeting, googling, instagramming, let's watch an HBO Go marathon of GIRLS, listening to/organizing your Spotify playlists, checking e-mail, checking in on Foursquare, killin it at Fruit Ninja, oh look another Apple software update and this thing is STILL charging your phone. Battery for days. And it's $30 on Amazon.com with free overnight shipping if you sign up for the free trial "Amazon Prime" thing. The battery itself is literally the same size as your phone, lightweight, naturally amazing for traveling and every day must-have backup in your bag [guys put in your girlfriends bag]. Must. Have.
Photive iPhone 5 Portable Battery Charger, $29.95

N&J Style: Must-Have Cuff Bracelets

Oh baby, It's cuffing season! I fell hard in love with these handmade, enviroment-saving pieces, each handmade in Los Angeles. They are forged from 100% reclaimed metal by Alkemie, a husband-and-wife design team [read their story here: Alkemie Jewelry.]  Each cuff is unique, stunning, chic and a statement piece of jewelry you will adore far after the season ends. Below are a few of my absolute must-haves! [The link below each picture will take you directly to Alkemie's site!] Xxx, R
Alkemie Peacock Feather Cuff, $264
Crocodile Textured Cuff, $209

Alkemie Small Stag Cuff, $209

Alkemie Starfish Cuff, $209

Alkemie Key Cuff, $198

N&J Style Sneak Peek: Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant. I AM DEAD over this jacket. The women & men's collection for H&M is "wearable with an attitude" and affordable - and the most gorgeous designer collaboration I have seen, well, ever. The New York City Preview Event last night had everyone lucky enough to step inside FRANTIC over stunning cardigans, printed jeans, embellished jackets - basically everything they could carry.  If I were you, I would go to H&M tomorrow, wait out the lines and fill your closet with these must-have pieces of the season. xo 
Embellished jacket, $399

Silk scarf, $40.00