Your most luscious hair ever.

MY LOVE FOR THIS HAIR MASK DESERVES ALL CAPS. IT IS "LAST MEAL" HAIR FOOD. Aside from the blend of proteins and Red Marine Algae ingredients that will repair and revive damaged / stressed-to-the-max hair -- does anyone else just love a delicious cucumer-sage scented, creamy hair mask to pamper with? pure NV BKT Healing Mask creates a luscious texture, restores the scalp, and adds shine. The anti-color fade and anti-aging technology make it amazing for all [but especially color-treated] hair.  After shampooing, towel dry hair. Apply enough to saturate hair and leave on for 5-15 minutes [ I've done 30 and watched an episode of GIRLS, love it]. Rinse out and style as usual!  


Over the past year I have really opened my eyes and examined the world of oils. Argan and coconut oil [my favorites] are beautiful, beautiful products. Both can be used on the skin and hair showering you with the gift of moisture and nutrients. Also recent, my awareness to sulfates has been raised. Sulfates are detergents that produce lather; they break up grease, dirt and oils on the skin and hair. However, they can strip hair and skin of natural oils leaving it dry and irritated. They are particularly harsh on sensitive skin [which I have] and many people are discovering they have allergies to sulfates. Honestly -  we just don't need them in our beauty products.  Instead of taking away healthy natural oils, I started adding them into my beauty routine. This was a game changer.       
pure NV BKT Ker-Argan Oil became one of those products I can't be without. It is sulfate free. Argan oil and linseed oil are particularly beneficial to the hair due to their abundant Omega 3 and vitamin E properties which nourish thirsty hair lacking essential oils. Ker-Argan Oil is formulated to hydrate, enhance shine, repel humidity, eliminate frizz, smooth, seal split ends and reduce fly-away hair, leaving hair lustrous. We LOVE this. Our hair LOVES this.  It is also enriched with keratin and linseed which strengthen the hair shaft and make hair more resilient.  The oil has a delicate sage scent that you would admire in a spa experience. Ker-Argan Oil can be used as a swimmers aid [great for beach vacations] as it will protect hair from elements such as salt and chlorine. Ker-Argan Oil is safe on all hair types. My hair has been healthier than ever and shining like crazy! Add a dime sized amount and apply to towel dried hair after your shower. Style that gorgeous hair as usual!   

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