N&J Top 5: Moisturizing Facial Sprays

All the moisture you need (oil-free available) to keep your skin hydrated in extreme temperatures- plus it sets your makeup with a healthy, dewy glow - any time of day. Carry one of these N&J Top 5 in your bag and mist away your dried-out winter skin.

Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief, $22
Water your skin. Take along a refreshing face spray for showers of thirsty skin relief. Bursting with moisture and active aloe. But not a drop of oil. Rapidly replenishes skin's moisture level, restoring balance. 

Part-toner, part-serum mist of essential oils and plant active ingredients.
Smooths the skin, tightens the pores, and provides an instant burst of radiance, as it stimulates microcirculation.


 An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!
MAC Fix +, $21

A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant Herbal Extracts and Rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. Spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration or use it to set make-up or spray on dry hair throughout the day. Safe for all skin types. Gentle, non-irritating.
 It all starts in Grasse, France where a unique aromatic selection of flowers and rose petals are collected and infused into this luxurious tonic mist for your face. With regular use, skin appears to be more healthy and radiant, and you’ll smell like roses (but we always do.)
Fresh Rose Floral Toner, $38

N&J Must-Have: Better Than Sex Too Faced Mascara

I CAN'T WITH THIS. I'm walking around the sidewalks of New York City smacking people in the face with my long, full, voluptuous eyelashes ohhhh baby. There are lines outside of Sephora for what I can only refer to as "the eyegasm." Plus, $23 is robbery for something better than sex. One coat is ecstacy. 2 coats.... you're wrapped in a sheet smoking out your bedroom window.
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, $23

N&J Must-Have: Photive iPhone 5 / 5S Portable Battery Charger

Trust, you need this. Unless you're the kind of person who loves their iPhone constantly dying on them or an [air quotes] "Droid" user and in that case, you don't even deserve one.
No, I'm talking about the normal people who are texting, tweeting, googling, instagramming, let's watch an HBO Go marathon of GIRLS, listening to/organizing your Spotify playlists, checking e-mail, checking in on Foursquare, killin it at Fruit Ninja, oh look another Apple software update and this thing is STILL charging your phone. Battery for days. And it's $30 on Amazon.com with free overnight shipping if you sign up for the free trial "Amazon Prime" thing. The battery itself is literally the same size as your phone, lightweight, naturally amazing for traveling and every day must-have backup in your bag [guys put in your girlfriends bag]. Must. Have.
Photive iPhone 5 Portable Battery Charger, $29.95

N&J Style: Must-Have Cuff Bracelets

Oh baby, It's cuffing season! I fell hard in love with these handmade, enviroment-saving pieces, each handmade in Los Angeles. They are forged from 100% reclaimed metal by Alkemie, a husband-and-wife design team [read their story here: Alkemie Jewelry.]  Each cuff is unique, stunning, chic and a statement piece of jewelry you will adore far after the season ends. Below are a few of my absolute must-haves! [The link below each picture will take you directly to Alkemie's site!] Xxx, R
Alkemie Peacock Feather Cuff, $264
Crocodile Textured Cuff, $209

Alkemie Small Stag Cuff, $209

Alkemie Starfish Cuff, $209

Alkemie Key Cuff, $198

N&J Style Sneak Peek: Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant. I AM DEAD over this jacket. The women & men's collection for H&M is "wearable with an attitude" and affordable - and the most gorgeous designer collaboration I have seen, well, ever. The New York City Preview Event last night had everyone lucky enough to step inside FRANTIC over stunning cardigans, printed jeans, embellished jackets - basically everything they could carry.  If I were you, I would go to H&M tomorrow, wait out the lines and fill your closet with these must-have pieces of the season. xo 
Embellished jacket, $399

Silk scarf, $40.00



Your most luscious hair ever.

MY LOVE FOR THIS HAIR MASK DESERVES ALL CAPS. IT IS "LAST MEAL" HAIR FOOD. Aside from the blend of proteins and Red Marine Algae ingredients that will repair and revive damaged / stressed-to-the-max hair -- does anyone else just love a delicious cucumer-sage scented, creamy hair mask to pamper with? pure NV BKT Healing Mask creates a luscious texture, restores the scalp, and adds shine. The anti-color fade and anti-aging technology make it amazing for all [but especially color-treated] hair.  After shampooing, towel dry hair. Apply enough to saturate hair and leave on for 5-15 minutes [ I've done 30 and watched an episode of GIRLS, love it]. Rinse out and style as usual!  


Over the past year I have really opened my eyes and examined the world of oils. Argan and coconut oil [my favorites] are beautiful, beautiful products. Both can be used on the skin and hair showering you with the gift of moisture and nutrients. Also recent, my awareness to sulfates has been raised. Sulfates are detergents that produce lather; they break up grease, dirt and oils on the skin and hair. However, they can strip hair and skin of natural oils leaving it dry and irritated. They are particularly harsh on sensitive skin [which I have] and many people are discovering they have allergies to sulfates. Honestly -  we just don't need them in our beauty products.  Instead of taking away healthy natural oils, I started adding them into my beauty routine. This was a game changer.       
pure NV BKT Ker-Argan Oil became one of those products I can't be without. It is sulfate free. Argan oil and linseed oil are particularly beneficial to the hair due to their abundant Omega 3 and vitamin E properties which nourish thirsty hair lacking essential oils. Ker-Argan Oil is formulated to hydrate, enhance shine, repel humidity, eliminate frizz, smooth, seal split ends and reduce fly-away hair, leaving hair lustrous. We LOVE this. Our hair LOVES this.  It is also enriched with keratin and linseed which strengthen the hair shaft and make hair more resilient.  The oil has a delicate sage scent that you would admire in a spa experience. Ker-Argan Oil can be used as a swimmers aid [great for beach vacations] as it will protect hair from elements such as salt and chlorine. Ker-Argan Oil is safe on all hair types. My hair has been healthier than ever and shining like crazy! Add a dime sized amount and apply to towel dried hair after your shower. Style that gorgeous hair as usual!   

Purchase these products here: www.purenvhaircare.com

Le Metier de Beaute & Saks Fifth Avenue - Full Size Liquid Eyeliner + Dark Spot Corrector w/ purchase! Ends 9.9.13!

The best kind of beauty sleep. Ever.

The one-of-a-kind quill pen "Precision Liquid Eyeliner" gives maximum control for bold, glamorous eyes!  The perfect   long-wearing, smudge-proof formula.

There is such high demand for the Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector, customers are asked purchase no more than 6 bottles every 30 days. 6 BOTTLES AT A TIME. The formula is one of the best at reducing dark spots, marks and signs of aging.

Le Métier de Beauté 'Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Correcteur' SPF 16 Concealer

Le Métier de Beauté 'Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Correcteur' SPF 16 Concealer
It's a lot of French, I know. All you really need to know is that this patented formula is the Houdini of conceleaers. A sensational stunt performer; flaws disappear instantly. The magic of this luxuriously creamy concealer is that it actually encourages collagen production, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, softens lines, and tightens the look of pores - just like an undereye skincare treatment. I also go nuts (as should you) for any product containing the anti-aging ingredient retinol. 
When it comes to concealer I want a creamy, face-brightening formula that won't settle into fine lines and gives light (but FULL) coverage. Le Le Métier de Beauté nailed it.

Youth Cocktails: The Best Overnight Skincare

I call these my "youth cocktails" - two of the best age-fighting, advanced nighttime skincare treatments. It can't get any easier. Apply a few drops before bedtime. You literally fall asleep and wake up to radiant, hydrated, even-toned skin. Fine Lines and wrinkles actually to fade over time.

The accolades given to Philosophy's "Help Me" are so well deserved. Winner of Allure magazine's editor's choice "Best of Beauty" award for best antiaging treatment helps keep pores clean and minimized, reduces wrinkles and discoloration, and boosts tone and firmness. Here's the secret weapon..it delivers time-released retinol (aka the fountain of youth) into the skin. The time-release innovation, along with a soothing dose of bisabolol, helps prevent irritation.

Estee Lauder "Advanced Night Repair" has 25 + patents and a worldwide following -- because it works.  If you see someone with insanely beautiful skin, they probably use it. Women who use it panic when the bottle is almost empty. Here's how it works: Your skin naturally repairs itself overnight, and this advanced formula maximizes the power of that process.  Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture, creating the optimal conditions skin needs to maximize its natural repair processes. It helps neutralize environmentally-generated free radicals before they can damage skin's appearance. The result? Georgeous youthful-looking skin.


Tinted Lip Balm: Perfect, Pouty Pink Lips by Figs & Rouge

Oh baby, how have I been living without this? Thanks to GlossyBox (and of course Figs & Rouge), I never have to again. How cute is this tube? Who doesn't like cherry blossoms? Who doesn't want perfectly moisturized, pouty, naturally (but just a littel bit enhanced) pink lips? Add in that this tinted lip balm is made of 100% pure & natural ingredients. Now a beauty trick: apply a small amount to a q-tip to remove/clean-up eye makeup lines! Soften cuticles or treat dry skin! Choose from Cherry Blossom (below), Mocha Orange & Coco Rose tinted lip balm tubes. Also in the Figs & Rouge lucious lipcare line? Lip Balm Tins! Try Aloe & Mint or Vanilla Orange. I throw one in every handbag.

Mascara - The Perfect Duo!

This is basically the perfect mascara combo. I discovered it one day while putting makeup on for an event here in New York City. "I should just pile these on together!" and the rest is history.
Benefit BADgal Lash is the first to apply to lashes in this duo-- I love it because it's buildable and the big brush coats even the tiny lashes! I love to use one coat of this mascara on days where I want beautiful eyelashes but a more natural look. However it's definitely buildable for big, bold lashes! And in this combo it's a game changer as step one!
Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara, $19.00
Loreal Voluminous Original Formula is the final top coat in this mascara duo. Trust me it brings the sexy drama! Lashes are as full and long and amazing as you can imagine at this point. With both mascaras, start at the base of lashes and wiggle the wand back-and-forth then up to the tip of your lashes. I don't know why these two formulas love to work together so much but trust me, do it!
Loreal Original Voluminous Mascara, $7.29

N&J Brow Obsession: Tinted Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Natural look, quick beauty products that bring out our youthful features are my favorite. This Brow Gel by Anastasia is killing it! Eyebrows look best when they are full and shaped to frame your face and this one (the "Espresso" shade shown here is best for brunettes) is my latest obsession. Apply the gel in short upward strokes, following the direction of hair growth -- two seconds. You're done.  The combination of cream and gel effortlessly defines and fills in the look of brows while controlling and shaping without flaking or fading. (Before applying this, I'll use the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in "Stud" to fill in the shape of my brows with light, short strokes in the direction of hairgrowth.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, $22.00

Where All the Chic Little Gold Rings Have Been Hiding.....

Love them & layer them - N&J is OBSESSED with these rings! Catbird's little Bedford shop has become the ultimate destination in Brooklyn for gifts and jewelry. These chic little gold rings are perfect for stacking, knuckles and creating yout own unique combos. You'll see them decorating the enviable hands of Lena Dunham, Eva Chen, Freja Beha Erichsen, Zoe Kravitz, Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and more. The point is we're all in love. Stop by the shop or order your favorites online before they sell out! (Here's a lttle ring-sizing tool you can print out: Ring-Sizer ) , xo R

Must-Have Lip Scrubs

Extreme temperatures and dehydration wreak havoc on our skin, our hair, and especially our lips. While many of us are buffing away dry skin with body loofahs & face scrubs, we forget to do the same for our lips! A scrub is the perfect solution to smooth, soften and nourish lips during the dehydrating summer months (and year-round)!

Lip scrubs start with a grainy formula such as raw sugar. The grains help to exfoliate away the dead skin cells that cause cracked, chapped lips. They also contain nourishing oils such as jojoba, castor oil, or shea butter to instantly hydrate dry lips. An elixir of vitamins and antioxidants can be added as well to promote cell recovery and healing. While your favorite lip balm will help protect and moisturize, exfoliating is essential to keep your lips in tip-top shape! Lip scrubs can be used daily, weekly, before wearing a bold lipstick or anytime you want to pamper. Most require only a small amount – simply rub onto lips with your finger in a circular motion, then wipe away. Check out each of the lip scrubs I tested and how they worked below:

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: This lip-perfecting polish had me hooked with “brown sugar crystals.” I have a sweet tooth! It also turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever used. Tiny sugary beads gently buff away dry skin leaving your lips incredibly smooth and soft. It’s also mixed with shea butter and other nourishing oils to help keep your lips moisturized. (Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $22.50, fresh.com)
Sara Happ The Lip Scrub : Bye-bye dry, flaky lips! This best-selling lip scrub comes in an assortment of heavenly flavors and all of them have the same sweet grainy formula. Rub a small amount on your lips and then wipe off with a tissue to reveal a soft, supple pout! Sara is right, I wonder how I’ve lived without it! (Sara Happ The Lip Scrub, $24, sarahapp.com)

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub: Any beauty product that feels like a happy hour will always be on my favorites list! Made of Fair Trade sugar and oils, this sweet mint flavored lip scrub will exfoliate your lips without tearing, leaving them flawless. It took me awhile to get used to licking off the excess product, but it’s 100% edible and the delicious minty flavor completely won me over! (LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub, $9.95, lushusa.com)

Tarte Marajuca Lip Exfoliant: The raw sugar and pure maracuja oil formula in this lip scrub renews your lips while sloughing away dryness. It actually makes your lips look fuller and more youthful – thanks to vitamin C, antioxidants and the special blend of oil. I love that the “gritty” texture exfoliates then seems to melt away! (Tarte Marajuca Lip Exfoliant, $16.00, tartecosmetics.com)

N&J Hair Care: Drybar Products = Blowout in a Bottle!

Drybar just nailed it. Their new line of hair care products, adoringly termed "The Sauce" has nothing but the best ingredients & results. The '100 Proof Treatment Oil' is magic, adding weightless shine and eliminating frizz. I use the 'DETOX Dry Shampoo' & 'Money Maker Hairspray' (see below) every. single. day.
Detox your oily hair..salty-beach hair..2nd day blowout hair..clean hair that just needs volume! Detox everyday, all day I LOVE THIS STUFF! What did we do when dry shampoo sucked--or didn't exist at all? Washing your hair every day strips it of natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Also, when your hair is a little oily (has texture) it's easier to style and add volume. This dry shampoo absorbs oil while adding sexy body and lift. Your hair feels refreshed, looks clean, and there is no white residue. Spray from 6-10 inches away and rub in with your fingers.  I've tested them all (Blog here ---> Top 5 Dry Shampoos For Girls On The Go!) and this one will be moved to the top of my Top 5 list! DETOX Dry Shampoo, $20.00
Not all hairspray is created equal. This one is a beauty-must for it's workable, long-lasting hold.  Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray, $25.00