N&J's 'Beauty Budget': 4 Sephora Brand Products You'll Love!

When I'm shopping for new makeup, I've usually done my research and have a few of the best products in mind. This was the case yesterday at Sephora - I had a goal: pick up a new bronzer, blush, lipstick and eyebrow pencil that I LOVE. It's not that I didn't have my usual favorites at home already, but sometimes a girl wants a change! First, I wanted an everyday lipstick color that would moisturize and create fullness - pucker those lips! I'll normally go straight to NARS, prepared to spend $24 on some of the best colors in the biz. This time, I stopped first to look at the selection of Sephora brand lipstick. This is where the magic started. 'Mmmm' was the second color I tried, and I needed to look no further.  It was the perfect natural lip color with a hint of pink and feels great on. So, "Why stop at lipstick?" I continued on to the Sephora blush & bronzer. Knowing I was originally planning on a Bobbi Brown bender (her blushes and bronzer are full of pigment and gorgeous on the skin), I knew what colors I was kiiind-of looking for. Here's what I discovered: Sephora has a bronzer called 'Aruba'....Bobbi Brown has a bronzer called 'Aruba'...hmmm. I tried Sephora's and I loved it! Natural looking color with just a hint of shimmer, completely buildable and didn't look "dirty" on your face like others can. The best part is it was $15 vs. $36. Coming home with me! Next, blush. I was eying up Bobbi's blush in 'Pale Pink',  but I was noticing a trend here. There it was, Sephora's Colorful Blush in 'Icy Fuchsia', looking EXACTLY the same. So I tested it, Bobbi's on one cheek and Sephora's on the other. Zero difference. Except in price, $25 vs. $12! Sephora wins again. Now finally, on to the eyebrow pencils (which are so important for filling in your eyebrows which shape your face and instantly make you look younger). I found Sephora's 4 Waterproof Retractable Pencils and took my matching shade over to a mirror to try.  Perfect! So now I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. It's not that I'll stop buying from my favorite brands (which include Bobbi Brown & NARS), but I'd just found 4 products that were exactly what I was looking for and had saved myself $62.00 by keeping an open mind! Sephora, I am seriously impressed!
Sephora 'Aruba' Bronzer $15, Sephora Colorful Blush in 'Icy Fuchsia' $12, Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in 'Mmmmm' $12,  Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil - Waterproof in 'Midnight Brown' $12