N & J's 'Beauty MUST!': One Tool, Perfect Eyebrows.

Shaping & filling in your eyebrows is one of the most important beauty steps you can take to frame your face and look more youthful & sexy! Every model, every magazine photoshoot, every celebrity on the red carpet has a makeup artist that wouldn't dream of skipping this step. Now, there are several ways of doing this, BUT: Stila (also the creator of the best liquid eyeliner of life: 'Stay All Day Waterproof  Liquid Eyeliner') has given us this one-step miracle: 'Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color'!

N&J Tip: The medium shade seems to be the most popular. You can try them on at Sephora! Also, I buy two at a time, they sell out fast! Sephora usually keeps them stocked better than anywhere else I've found.)

one step: simply remove the cap and start "drawing" in the natural shape of your eyebrows. the waterproof formula comes in two shades- light & medium, and you'll see with both that the color is accenting your eyebrows, not overpowering! This creates a fuller, natural looking, defined brow. No makeup bag should be without it! , $21.00 www.stilacosmetics.com