N&J's 'Beauty Solutions': BUH-Bye Blackheads!

I don't even like writing the word 'blackhead',  but I have to because sadly- these suckers are real. Approximately 17 million of us in the U.S are affected by varying forms of acne, blackheads being one of the most common. And a REAL solution needed to be found! Having oily/combination skin myself (a blessing and a curse), I tested all the "best" products to see which one really lived up to its claims.

First there are those sticky face strips- they're fun. And gross..and also oddly compelling to look at. However they only help temporarily. So I'm testing and I'm testing...in comes Peter Thomas Roth. Game-changer! Use this medicated wash on problem areas (commonly nose & chin) a few times a week and it will deep clean those pores from the inside to stop the blackheads from forming. And because the product is used on smaller-ish areas, one bottle lasts forever! I couldn't believe the results on my skin! Beauty MUST!

N&J Tip: I've been talking alot about acids and glycolics lately. Remember that these products work well as directed. Remember not to over-use and always moisturize daily (and SPF!) to avoid peeling & irritation. 
Try the whole set! Again, because you need so little, this kit should last & last! Peter Thomas Roth 'Acne Buster Kit', $35.00
 THE wash. A skin game changer. Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Acne Wash, $35.00, www.peterthomasroth.com