N&J's 'Beauty Solutions': BUH-Bye Blackheads!

I don't even like writing the word 'blackhead',  but I have to because sadly- these suckers are real. Approximately 17 million of us in the U.S are affected by varying forms of acne, blackheads being one of the most common. And a REAL solution needed to be found! Having oily/combination skin myself (a blessing and a curse), I tested all the "best" products to see which one really lived up to its claims.

First there are those sticky face strips- they're fun. And gross..and also oddly compelling to look at. However they only help temporarily. So I'm testing and I'm testing...in comes Peter Thomas Roth. Game-changer! Use this medicated wash on problem areas (commonly nose & chin) a few times a week and it will deep clean those pores from the inside to stop the blackheads from forming. And because the product is used on smaller-ish areas, one bottle lasts forever! I couldn't believe the results on my skin! Beauty MUST!

N&J Tip: I've been talking alot about acids and glycolics lately. Remember that these products work well as directed. Remember not to over-use and always moisturize daily (and SPF!) to avoid peeling & irritation. 
Try the whole set! Again, because you need so little, this kit should last & last! Peter Thomas Roth 'Acne Buster Kit', $35.00
 THE wash. A skin game changer. Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Acne Wash, $35.00, www.peterthomasroth.com

N & J's 'Beauty MUST!': One Tool, Perfect Eyebrows.

Shaping & filling in your eyebrows is one of the most important beauty steps you can take to frame your face and look more youthful & sexy! Every model, every magazine photoshoot, every celebrity on the red carpet has a makeup artist that wouldn't dream of skipping this step. Now, there are several ways of doing this, BUT: Stila (also the creator of the best liquid eyeliner of life: 'Stay All Day Waterproof  Liquid Eyeliner') has given us this one-step miracle: 'Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color'!

N&J Tip: The medium shade seems to be the most popular. You can try them on at Sephora! Also, I buy two at a time, they sell out fast! Sephora usually keeps them stocked better than anywhere else I've found.)

one step: simply remove the cap and start "drawing" in the natural shape of your eyebrows. the waterproof formula comes in two shades- light & medium, and you'll see with both that the color is accenting your eyebrows, not overpowering! This creates a fuller, natural looking, defined brow. No makeup bag should be without it! , $21.00 www.stilacosmetics.com

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Anti-aging products hit my radar a few years ago. But I wasn't always so interested. I liked a golden tan as much as the next girl - you look skinnier, more "healthy", even compliments "Oh I'm so jealous of your tan!" Now I'm thinking FACE. PALM! What a dummy. My mother should have held me down and slathered my face with SPF 50 every day until I left the house at 18!  Now as much as I beat myself up for those Panama Jack oil slicking days, it's ok. We all know there's no way to turn back the clock. However, there are ways to prevent further damage to your skin (SPF SPF SPF), and products that will keep your face looking youthful and glowing. So YAY for that!

Ok, the signs of youth: smaller pores, that 'glow', fewer wrinkles, even skin tone. (I don't want to say less freckles because those can be genetic and totally cute, though some of us do have sun-worshiping induced age spots).

So what products do we use that are the best at achieving these results? I've been an "anti-aging guinea pig" for the past few weeks and....See my top picks below!

this little over-achiever is a beauty cabinet staple! packed with antioxidants, this gel hydrates while it kicks butt on fine lines & wrinkles. i used it every other night for two weeks, let me tell you- compliments will come! Peter Thomas Roth 'Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel', $48.00
i'm definitely on a glycolic kick here, but there's good reason. this wash is gentle enough to use everyday (exfoliation wise, i switch on and off with my clarisonic mia) and is the master at removing dead skin cells for a fresh glowing complexion! (did i mention it reduces the appearance of fine lines too? A-mazing) Peter Thomas Roth 'Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash', $32.00

glow CENTRAL! used daily, these peach bellini scented pads stimulate major cell turnover, shrink pores and give that glow, girls(and guys) I'm so serious! MUST GET. Peter Thomas Roth 'Max Complexion Correction Pads', $36.00

we musn't forget the eyes. i've tried so many eye creams and this one truly lives up to it's name. apply nightly under the eyes (dab, don't rub!) and we're firming and we're reducing wrinkles and we're totally hitting the "that's right look at these eyes!" jackpot. Philosophy 'Miracle Worker™ Miraculous Anti-Aging Eye', $60.00
ahhh retinol. the fountain of youth. and this night treatment is ..i mean, i don't have words. it's that good. apply a thin layer nightly and let it work magic on everything: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pores, discoloration, firmness - must must have.Philosophy 'Help Me', $45.00

am i talking glycolic again? YUP! this one blew me away. used it one time, ONE time - and i was in the mirror like "YAaaaaY I'm 15 again!" 2-4 pumps, apply to skin, leave on for 2-5 minutes, rinse, and voila. bright, restored, radiant skin! Kate Somerville 'Micro Glycolic Polisher' , $90.00

N&J's 'Beauty Must!': Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Necklaces

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