N&J's 'I ♥ Eating!' - Birthday dinner at CRAFT Restaurant NYC

champagne cocktails...sugar cube, bitters, & love

Foie Gras with banana... a pairing from heaven that melts in your mouth
braised beef short rib. prepared perfectly & honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten.

a vermouth butter sauce that I am still dreaming of! to pour over....
the day boat diver scallops! again, my eyes were rolling back in my head

as if the exceptional service wasn't enough, the managers sent out every birthday dessert I could dream of. almond ice cream, sugar & spice doughnuts, pastries and finally....
the. chocolate. souffle (with winter spice cream anglais). insane.

"ladies, we'd like to give you a private tour of the kitchen" - I almost died. all those All-Clad & Mauviel copper pans! this dinner just became epic.
 This was honestly one of the best dinners I've ever had (birthday or no birthday!) The service- Justin, Maurice and so on), the FOOD, wow - the whole experience is one I will never forget. This is the reason you should go out for dinner!!