N & J "Jewelry": Forever 21's IRRESISTIBLE new pieces!

I visited the 14th Street 'Union Square', NYC Forever 21 yesterday & found some of the most beautiful rare treasures!.....and none of them were more than $7.80 each! The key is to look for the "timeless" pieces that show quality ("heavy", designed & made well). Also, look for jewelry that adds to your own natural beauty! Never let the jewelry wear you. Most importantly, fall in love with it! ♥
Forever 21 treasures ♥

Forever 21 'Antic Gold' Necklace, $7.80 - this necklace is so timeless & stunning! 

Forever 21 Earrings, $6.80 -the ultimate glam party earrings!

Forever 21 Earrings, $4.80 - hello gorgeous green!

Forever 21 "BEAUTY" makeup bag, $4.80