N&J Beauty For a Cause: Youngblood Cosmetics & Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Fight Breast Cancer

I can't explain how serious my crush is on Youngblood Cosmetics. 
I'll try. 
My love affair started when I watched a demonstration at The Makeup Show NYC. Every step, every product added more youth and glow and gorgeousness to the model - it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Since that day I have been their #1 fan (Yep, I am!) - and they know it! So they send me samples to try and they're free and I'm not paid, but I would pay double for these blushes. AND their cream blushes but that's a whole different blog.
Sales of these three shades: Dusty Pink, Sherbet & Tulip will help the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation continue it's important mission of finding an end to breast cancer. I've already known 3 women in my life affected by breast cancer, it's something I am willing to put all my support into. And as someone who loves makeup (especially blushes which bring life & natural beauty to all faces), this is a no brainer. Absolutely. Yes. YES. These blushes are a must for every makeup bag.
{ Youngblood Cosmetics Crushed Mineral Blush: Dusty Pink, Sherbet, & Tulip, $22.00. Give cheeks, temples, eyes or even lips a healthy, natural glow! Highly pigmented minerals provide buildable coverage for a natural-looking flush. The specially designed sifter makes dispensing easy and precise. }
{ Kim Kardashian shows off this glowing trend with perfectly flushed, luminous cheekbones }
{ 1. Tulip: A light dusting of this shade adds a subtle glow, without adding much color. I love using it in combination with/ over my other favorite blush brands!  2. Sherbet: An absolutely natural pink flush with the perfect amount of luminescence 3. Dusty Pink: A spicey, glowing cinnamon color that goes perfectly with a nude or wine lipstick for Fall }

N&J's 'Beauty Budget': 4 Sephora Brand Products You'll Love!

When I'm shopping for new makeup, I've usually done my research and have a few of the best products in mind. This was the case yesterday at Sephora - I had a goal: pick up a new bronzer, blush, lipstick and eyebrow pencil that I LOVE. It's not that I didn't have my usual favorites at home already, but sometimes a girl wants a change! First, I wanted an everyday lipstick color that would moisturize and create fullness - pucker those lips! I'll normally go straight to NARS, prepared to spend $24 on some of the best colors in the biz. This time, I stopped first to look at the selection of Sephora brand lipstick. This is where the magic started. 'Mmmm' was the second color I tried, and I needed to look no further.  It was the perfect natural lip color with a hint of pink and feels great on. So, "Why stop at lipstick?" I continued on to the Sephora blush & bronzer. Knowing I was originally planning on a Bobbi Brown bender (her blushes and bronzer are full of pigment and gorgeous on the skin), I knew what colors I was kiiind-of looking for. Here's what I discovered: Sephora has a bronzer called 'Aruba'....Bobbi Brown has a bronzer called 'Aruba'...hmmm. I tried Sephora's and I loved it! Natural looking color with just a hint of shimmer, completely buildable and didn't look "dirty" on your face like others can. The best part is it was $15 vs. $36. Coming home with me! Next, blush. I was eying up Bobbi's blush in 'Pale Pink',  but I was noticing a trend here. There it was, Sephora's Colorful Blush in 'Icy Fuchsia', looking EXACTLY the same. So I tested it, Bobbi's on one cheek and Sephora's on the other. Zero difference. Except in price, $25 vs. $12! Sephora wins again. Now finally, on to the eyebrow pencils (which are so important for filling in your eyebrows which shape your face and instantly make you look younger). I found Sephora's 4 Waterproof Retractable Pencils and took my matching shade over to a mirror to try.  Perfect! So now I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. It's not that I'll stop buying from my favorite brands (which include Bobbi Brown & NARS), but I'd just found 4 products that were exactly what I was looking for and had saved myself $62.00 by keeping an open mind! Sephora, I am seriously impressed!
Sephora 'Aruba' Bronzer $15, Sephora Colorful Blush in 'Icy Fuchsia' $12, Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in 'Mmmmm' $12,  Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil - Waterproof in 'Midnight Brown' $12

mani's & pedi's

picked up NYC New York Color nailpolish in 'Lincoln Center' today for $1.99!

also fell in love with Sula Non-Toxic nailpolish in "Forever And Ever', $7.99

Memorial Day: Makeup Bag Must-Have's!

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow, $24.00: These eyeshadows are too easy and so beautiful on!  I love 'Ballet Pink' for day, then transform to night with 'Smokey Topaz'. Grab your favorite shade and a compact mirror from your bag & apply with your fingers in seconds! No creasing, no falling, no smearing.  
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder, $50.00: When a bronzer wins this many awards, there's no way I'm not trying it - and I'm confirming the hype! What makes it different is the texture- it leaves no streaks or marks, just a natural looking radiant tan. So save face (hello tanning mom!) by wearing SPF in the sun this weekend and throw this and a bronzing brush in your bag. No-one will be able to tell the difference! 
Gillette Venus & Olay Razor: Summer = shaving. There's no getting away with day old stubble in your new bikini. And yes I've always preached "mens razors are sooo much better than ours", it was true! But this one brought me back to girly-ville. It gives a super close, smooth shave with tons of added moisture (thank you Olay)!  
Supergoop! SPF 30 Sunscreen Swipes with Zinc for Sensitive Skin, $5.00: Wipes are just cooler! I dont know why. I love these because they're great for sensitive skin, non-irritating, and have vitamin E. Everyone always says "Oooo can I use one?"..wait that may be a bad thing. No they're really good. Still get them!
Fresh Sugar Lip Treamtment SPF 15 in 'Coral, $22.50: This is one of my favorite summer lip balms. It's the perfect coral shade that protects with SPF 15 and  gives major moisture.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

N&J's 'Celebrity Beauty Breakdown': The J. Lo Glow!

It's called the "J.  Lo glow" - we want it!  See below all  the products you'll need to get beaming!
Glowing beauties: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Rachel Bilson, Dianna Agron

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze: Let's put it this way, it won the 'Martha Stewart Big Day Beauty Awards 2012'..brides are fighting over the Sephora supply. Youngblood Creme Blush: This is it - the "J Lo Glow" blush. I'm obsessed with Rose Quartz, apply with your fingers to the cheekbones. Youngblood Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint: I watched ONE demo at The Makeup Show and ran to their counter.  Voila. 17 year old skin.Youngblood Eye-Illuminating Duo: Yes this is the 3rd product in a row by Youngblood. I WOULD NEVER LIE TO YOU ABOUT HOW GOOD THIS STUFF IS. The matte side of this pencil goes under the outer corner of bottom lashes, the shimmer side goes in the inner corner of eyes. Smashbox Artificial Light in Flash: An oil free goddess lotion - apply all over your face under foundation, LOVE! Too Faced Royal Oil: Oh dear, get this please. Seriously sexy glowing skin in a bottle, I use it on arms, legs & decolletage. Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten: This gloss IS the word pretty. Lips are glossy, moisturized and have the perfect amount of sparkle in the lights!