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I research all the newest & upcoming beauty products so you know before they even come out - and this one is big! My latest obsession with Josie Maran argan oil products is no secret. They are all mini miracles! And recently I was shouting from the rooftops about the 'Moroccan Getaway Travel Case' $39.00 ($74.00 value) - which had every "mini" product of hers that she is famous for. (They are selling out at all the NYC Sephora stores, so hurry to pick one up if this is on your list!) 

But guess what ... Sephora has informed me today that this Spring there will be a new Josie Maran Gift Set to dance about! I received one today (pictured below) and the set includes:
- 1.7 oz 100% Pure Argan Oil (worth it's weight in gold and normally $48.00 alone)
- Bear Naked Wipes ($12.00 alone)
- Argan Cleansing Oil 1.9 oz ($32.00 alone)
- Argan Lip Treatment ($18.00 alone)
- Argan Color Stick in 'Petal Pink' for cheeks and lips ($22.00 alone)

ALL of this-- it's $56.00! Amazing ♥  

Josie Maran 'Argan Care' Set (to be released this Spring), $56.00, www.sephora.com

My N & J girls are always the first to know!
Love, Rebecca