N & J's "Product of the Day - Lavender Blotting Papers"

Oily skin is a blessing and a curse.

The Blessing: Natural oils in your skin keep fine lines & wrinkles away LONGER, making you look younger longer! This we love!

Now The Curse:  That oil causes a greasy shine that's not pretty.

N & J's Solution: Sephora 'Natural Lavender Blotting Papers'-- But Rebecca, I already have blotting papers like 'Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets' and they work great! I know.....I used those too. And they do work. But THESE are like someone took your hand softly and said "You're so pretty but your face is oily so let me take you to this field of aromatic calming lavender and softly blot your face for you while you relax and take a second, you sure deserve it." They remove the oil without over-drying and leave no residue on your face. No joke, I will never use anything else. "Tea Tree" & "Vitamin C + E" are also available.

N&J Tip: Lightly pat the papers on your face, don't rub. This will ensure your makeup stays perfect!
Sephora Natural Lavender Blotting Papers, $8.00

Buy them here (or at any Sephora store):

Love, R