N & J's "Halloween - Glamorous Zombies!"

This year I did Halloween "N&J" style - it was all about the makeup! I really put my makeup artistry to the test to create a "glam zombie" look for myself and a "glamorous vampire victim" for my good friend Kelley Moore (http://kelleymoorecreativemedia.blogspot.com/)

What you'll need to recreate my "Glam Zombie" look:

1. White Cream Makeup-(apply all over face with a makeup sponge) $2.99 at Rickys/Halloween store etc.
2. MAC Eyeshadow in "Carbon" - (Apply this to your cheekbone area with a blush brush - dabbing lightly and building more color as desired). This will give your cheeks a hollowed look) This color is also applied all over your eyelids and underneath your eye before applying flase lashes.
3. MAC Eyeshadow in "Shock-A-Holic" - (Apply this color also with the same blush brush over the same places you applied the "Carbon" - the combo of the black & purple is great for a dead skeleton feel! And again- this color is also applied all over your eyelid and underneath your eye before applying your false lashes.
4. Sephora Collection False Lashes in "Showstopper" - (Apply with lash glue that comes attached--if you don't know how, definitely watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_c0LI-gr64 ,$8.00 **I use the "Carbon" eyeshadow listed above as an eyeliner before/after I apply my false lashes using a MAC #209 eyeliner brush (wet the brush to make the liner darker)

5. Sephora Naano lip-liner in #5 "Native Nude" - (apply all over your lip before gloss) $5.00
6. Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss in "Creme Brulee" -(finishing touch!) $10.00
N&J tip: You can skip the white face paint and use these same products for a dramatic smoky eye!

Kelley's "Zombie Victim" look became super glamorous when we added:
1. Sephora Collection False Eyelashes in "Flair" (or any other dramatic eyelash you fall in love with) $8.00
2. Violent Lips Temporatry Lip Tattoos $15.00 at Sephora

Good luck & I hope you love it!

Love, R