N & J's "Find Your Style - $95.00 Stylish Eyeglasses!"

This is a company that sees eyeglasses a little bit differently. I recently visited Warby Parker's NYC showroom and the terms "four-eyes" and "geek" have no home here. It's all about embracing that prescription and choosing a frame that says "I'm hip, and chic, and fancy AND the life of the party..can't you tell?! Look at these glasses!" They offer free shipping and returns, and get this- an online program that allows you to virtually try on any pair you like. You aren't down with the virtual try on? No problem. Choose up to 5 pairs and they will ship them to you for free to try on at home, ship back any that don't work for free. It's a beautiful thing. And for you 20/20's out there - they offer killer sunglasses and non-prescription lenses so we can all be a part of the club.

Huxley Sandalwood Matte (optical), $95.00

Mabel Gimlet Tortoise (sunwear), $95.00
Larkin Lunar Fade (optical), $95.00

Wiloughby Tennessee Whiskey (optical), $95.00

Harry Potters of the world, unite.

Love, R