N & J's "Beauty Breakthrough: PERFUME JEWELRY!!!"

Lisa Hoffman has officially changed the game. (And if you don't know who Lisa is, she's the woman behind one of the most luxurious and sought after fragrance companies in the world. http://www.lisahoffmanbeauty.com/ Her husband is also the very talented actor Dustin Hoffman.

So last week I was invited to a private unveiling of her highly anticipated collection of perfume jewelry at Behrman Communications. Lisa's brilliant VP of Product Development, Joan Sutton, was about to reveal the next generation of fragrance. Now I know I get excited, but this was too much! Bracelets, necklaces, earrings unlike anything I've seen before ...With perfume in them! And they're GORGEOUS!

Each color bracelet represents one of Lisa's signature scents - Japanese Agarwood, Tunisian Neroli, Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage or Madagascar Orchid. You can find which scent you will love most by using her state-of-the-art 'iScentify' application on her website- it's like Pandora but for finding perfume preferences! The fragrance never touches your skin, so anyone can wear the jewelry - and you can take it on or off whenever you like. Men are wearing them too! Japanese Agarwood has a unisex irresistable spa musk, and the bracelet is brown wood with a few blue beads (a few celebrity men have already picked them up!) Not to mention the bracelets are stackable, trendy and give this yummy acoustic sound as they all wear together beautifully. MUST. HAVE. EVERY. ONE.

Now. The magic...is in the fragrance beads. Made from eco-friendly sustainable wood flour, each color bracelet comes with it's matching exclusive scented beads (The red 'Tunisian Neroli' -my personal favorite- is shown below. Once you receive your bracelet, the charm is already filled with beads. Slip the bracelet on and you're in bliss! The fragrance seems to catch you at different times through the day, never overpowering. The scent will naturally begins to fade over about 2 weeks weeks. You can then empty the charm and fill it with a few more from the container of beads that come with it. Once you run out of those (at least 3 months later!), you can purchase any frangrance beads you would like seperately from her website. Try them all!
*N&J Tips:
1. Don't throw away those old beads! Save them and put in a frangrance sachet for your drawers!
2. Don't wear the jewelry in the shower, the fragrance beads aren't meant to get wet and this will allow you to have that amazing scent last as long as possible!
3. All the frangrances blend together well! So don't worry about wearing more than one bracelet at a time!

And aside from the jewelry (as if that's not enough), Lisa also offers a complete line of luxuriously scented products like "4 Set Variations" of your favorite fragrance to be worn at all different times of the day(even at bed time:), body creams, washes, scrubs and - get this - candles with actual wood burning wick's that "crackle" as they burn! A MUST for every nightstand, bathtub..anywhere!

Honestly, her products become a part of you. A crackling candle that calms you at night, a scented bracelet for an escape at any moment, the highest quality bath and body products that pamper you every morning - even on the tough ones! She's absolutely brilliant and I can't imagine a more perfect holiday gift for all the women I love in my life!


Love, R