N&J visits the "Sephora Sensorium" in NYC!

It was snowing like crazy here in NYC on Saturday - but that didn't stop my friend and I from checking out the new 'Sephora Sensorium' at 414 West 14th Street! Our experience was delightful and eye-opening :)

Delicious smells, the art of making a perfume bottle, artificial vs. natural, heartfelt interviews with real people who have lost their sense of smell, "dreaming" through scents, a perfume bar and the sweetest staff guiding you through it all.

And your $15.00 ticket is given right back to you as a Sephora Gift card! We happily used ours later at the Meatpacking flagship store around the corner. 

Definitely go before it closes on November 27th!

N&J's Favorite Women's Fragrances:

Chanel N 5 Body Lotion, $55.00
Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum Classic, $85.00

Narcisco Rodriguez Eau de Toilette, $95.00
Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum, $72.00
Our sense of smell gives the gift of instant lovely memories
Love, R