N & J's "Mani's & Pedi's"

Revlon "Make Mine Mango" - Every time I see my pedicure I am transported to a beach in Hawaii sipping a mango daiquiri! $6.99 at your local drugstore - Beat that Priceline!
Love, R

N & J's "Totally Legal Beauty Steals!"

1. At Solution Beauty Source (138 Fulton Street, NY NY 10038 / 212-619-0545) they have every color O.P.I & Essie under the sun- all $6.99 each!) Also, you MUST grab a Nicka K.Cosmetics "Absolute!"lipstick in "Inspiration" - it's a GORGEOUS nude lipstick for $1.99!
O.P.I "No room For Blues"

2. At New Ocean Salon (171 Mott St., NY NY 10013 / 212-431-7266) you can get what I call a "Victorias Secret" hair blowout for $13.00. Ask for Michelle. (Last time I went, I stopped at
Sal's after and the guy gave me a free slice because " bellissima women dont pay for pizza!"
The proof is in the pudding!


Love, R