Demeter has one busy "spritzer" girl!

I'll admit I had forgotten about Demeter - until I walked into a new glammed-up Duane Reade here in NYC yesterday and saw this whole COUNTER in front of me! My mission was clear, with hundreds of different "flavors" like Bulgarian Rose, Ginger-Ale, Frozen Margarita, Holy Water and Orange Cream Pop - I needed to smell them all! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

My favorites were Banana Flambee, New Zealand, Fresh Ginger, Blueberry Muffin & Laundromat. And it's hard to believe from the picture, but there were some they didnt carry yet like Lobster, Paint, Waffles and Champagne Brut. They've even bottled up "Funeral Home" - and it's dead on!

For $15.00 a bottle, you can buy all your favorites - I'm planning on using a few as room spray for my apartment! Wait, do I smell a new product line? N&J loves you Demeter!, $15.00

Love, R