N & J's "Sephora Spree"

Actual text to my boyfriend this afternoon: “I’ve been VERY bad today.................. I went to Sephora.” OHhh yes I did! And the best part about it is that I get to dish about it with all of you! Here's what goodies I got:

Hourglass “Illusion” Tinted Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 15: The sephora girl had me at “Madonna’s wearing it…” Dewy, glowing, anti-aging, moisturizing, illuminating, medium coverage I could NOT live without once I saw it on my face, even at $55.00/bottle. It goes in the basket. Next!

Nars “So Famous” Set: I wanted a combo lipstick/lip liner in a beautiful everyday color, and Nars is the place to look. So the first thing I find is their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Bettina”, try it on, LOVE it, and guess what- sold out! Grrrr. But then I look up and see a new value set that includes the “Bettina” Lip pencil, their famous “Orgasm” Blush, AND “Orgasm” Multiples stick all in one! A $61 value for $44.00. Amazing! In the basket, next!

Lorac “Hollywood Hot List” Collection: I’ve talked about Lorac before…They absolutely are KING when it comes to bronzing. And when my sephora girl used one of their combo blush/bronzers on me this afternoon, I got 4 complements walking around the store! Seriously! Went straight to the Lorac section and what did I find? A new value set that not only included the “Hot & Spicy” Blush/Bronzer Duo she used..but also a mini “Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer”, 3 incredible eyeshadows, and their Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in “Trendsetter!” $100 value for $29.50! In the basket!

Benefit “Some Kind of Gorgeous”: Believe it or not I just went into Sephora today for a new foundation… What? I got side-tracked! Isn’t that what always happens? Anyway, I tried this tinted moisturizer on BEFORE the “Hourglass” section glazed over my eyes and turned me into person who spends $55.00 on foundation. I loved this one first, and it really did look beautiful. Again, dewy, moisturizing, just enough coverage, felt great. However, I put it back after being seduced by “Hourglass”. Then....in the checkout line..I discovered a MINI Benefit “Some Kind of Gorgeous” for $9.00! And at this point $9.00 seems like nothing and apparently I can just be buying makeup that Madonna buys, so no problem! I grabbed one of those so I could have it all. I’m a happy girl! ♥, R