N & J's "Love your Home"

There are some things in life you do and don’t really think about…like washing your hands. Well that all changes when you buy your first bottle of “Coriander & Olive Tree” hand soap by Cucina. For a few precious moments, your hands are flown first class to the aromatic olive fields of Tuscany. It's formulated with extra virgin olive oil to purify and soften your skin, and if you fall in love with this scent like I did - they also make the candle, hand lotion, even countertop cleaner. Find it at www.us.fruits-passion.com $20.00

(And if your hands are afraid of flying, try Bath and Body Works “Eucalyptus Spearmint” hand soap – it’s a spa trip in a bottle. www.bathandbodyworks.com $5.50 or 5 for $15.00)