Dr. Brandt "Collagen Booster"

WHOA.... ok, I laugh alot. And lately Ive been noticing some unwelcomed little fine lines as a consequence of that! Well I won't give up smiling and laughing, so I stopped into Sephora to see if they had a product that would swoop in and nip this little problem in the bud. Laugh lines- there's a new sheriff in town!! The skin specialist gave me a sample of the Dr. Brandt Collagen Booster and WOW. My collagen is BOOSTED! After 4 days my face appeared firmer, plumper, and younger looking! At $75.00 a bottle, it doesn't come cheap - but the sample has lasted me two weeks so I imagine the bottle would give at least 3 months of laugh-line butt kicking bliss! Definitely worth a try because laughter is the best medicine! ♥, R