The Bakers "Victoria" Pump

With so many things to write about and share, where do I even start? So after mulling it over for months (me = procrastination due to perfectionism), I decided to start with something we all love, obsess over, can't get enough of, and it just so happens I got a new pair of!!! ♥ One thing you should know about me: I’m 5’1 and came out of the womb wearing 4” heels. I LOVE high heels! Now if you don’t wear them a lot, you may find yourself looking at the computer screen saying “post a darn flat already!” I promise I will do my best! Another thing you should know about me: I always search for the holy grail of purchases- high quality at the best price. I definitely work both ends -I’m not afraid to spend a whole rent payment on a pair of Louboutins, but I also love the thrill of the hunt for a great bargain. So without further adieu, my most recent purchase:

What: The "Victoria" Pump in black suede (the blush suede, gray suede, and blush patent were also contenders)

I like Bakers. They occasionally have a gem. And after reading all the 5 star reviews on this shoe from their website, I needed to check the situation out. So I called the Brooklyn store, they had them, went to the store today, tried on every color and size AND…black suede size 8 gets to come home with me! I'm a 7.5, but there was a very small difference between the 7.5 and the 8, plus the 8’s felt better on my feet because my feet are flat (blame genetics). A cute petite little 7.5 foot would fit true to size. Now, the blush and gray colored suede pumps had little imperfections here and there, little dots of…something! Who knows, it looked like suede that had balled up here and there and possibly could have been brushed off? But you definitely couldn't see it on the black and obviously not on the patent leather. Also, black goes with everything and so I purchased that one first. They look awesome!!!!! DEF height-5 1/4 inches, and with some skinny jeans I'll be jumping for joy! OH- and that's another thing- they're comfortable!!!!! ♥ I'll update after a few wears and post some pictures with them on :)

Where: Bakers 454 Fulton St., Brooklyn NY 11201 *no more 34th street store in Manhattan, (866) 454-2062,, (this shoe sells out very quickly online and in the stores, but they've been replenishing faster lately so don't get discouraged!) Price: $79.95 (TOTAL bargain and very similar to the Brian Atwoods I've been oogling)